Please complete and execute the Bursa Transfer form and Share Sale form to complete the sale of your unlisted TA Global shares to TA Enterprise Berhad

You are required to complete and submit the original signed copies of the Bursa Depository Transfer form (in 3 copies) to your remisier or stockbroking firm and request them to arrange for the Bursa Depository Transfer Form to be signed by Authorised Depository Agent / Authorised Direct Member. You can request the stockbroker to submit the completed form to Bursa Malaysia to facilitate the transfer of your TA Global shares to TA Enterprise.

Please complete the Share Shale Form and return a copy of the duly executed Form to TA Enterprise via email / fax / by hand / post. Kindly refer to the instruction stated in the form for the email/ fax/ address to send the completed Form.

In case you have missed out the voluntary take-over offer and/or do not wish to hold unlisted shares, please contact us at