A Class of Eminence

Eminence is the quality of being highly respected or better known as a position of prominence.

For the longest time, TA Global epitomises what it truly means to be a class of its own through our innovation, legacy and our commitment to the people.

Knowing and understanding the needs and demands of our customers is at the forefront of our business. We pride ourselves as the market leader with an enviable reputation in the industry who thrives on challenges and opportunities. We are always thinking ahead to push the boundaries in the real estate industry, improve quality of life and create unique innovative lifestyle concepts to ensure that our communities progress along with us.

TA Global places great emphasis in not just what we build but how we build as we continue to innovate and bring added values for the future generations.

Our Mission

TA Global consistently delivers and represents the highest level of form and function of our workings with passion, integrity and a distinct intention to deliver exceptional homes and communities.

“Craft with heart, build to last”

Authentic and genuine

Build for generations

We focus on authenticity, real one-on-one relationships, service and personalisation, as well as the value and originality offered through good design, craftsmanship and quality in all things.

TA Global constantly strives for excellence in everything we do to create and build iconic and inspiring spaces that help shape the skyline, create differentiated experiences for people and foster communities.